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The Training Garden is composed of a team of professionals who provide you with facilities and a workout methodology, which has been specifically designed for triathletes to optimize their time and improve athletic results. Whether you are an experienced triathlete, or have just begun in the sport, you will enjoy the advice, planning and follow-up provided by your trainer, while at the same time count on facilities and specific equipment to achieve your athletic objectives.   

With the help of IBP, experts in biomechanics and podiatry in addition to our physical therapy and nutrition services, you will benefit from the support and necessary advice to recuperate and train with all the guarantees to be at the highest level when competing.   

If you are considering specific preparation, we respond to all of your needs such as sneakers, bicycles, accessories, sports supplements, textile, etc.  Let the true experts at Training Market, our specialized store of reference, help you out.  There, you will find the equipment you need, with the best guarantees and special conditions, because you are working out with us.  

Training Garden is a project promoted by Ecoeduca, the same firm that manages Las Graveras Park. This project was fueled by the Rinconada Town Hall to become the San Jose de la Rinconada green zone and home to sports and recreational activities and events.

Whether you are an experienced triathlon athlete, a beginner in this sport, or a group or club trainer

the TRAINING GARDEN will help you attain your goals


Are you lacking a trainer? Is your motivation waning when it comes to working out alone? Would you like to supplement your current work out plan? Are you eager to improve your performance?  Join our work out groups. All you need to do is select the activities and schedule that interests you most within the scope of our proposition. 

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  • If you want to come to train outside of the current schedule, you only have to book with 48hours in advance through Sporttia, with a minimum of 5 people.
  • In the current opening hours, it is not necessary to make a reservation through Sporttia.com 
  • Cover the demand, Training Garden will confirm the reservation with 24hours in advance.


Making plans with the family and working out need not bincompatible

At Las Graveras Park, Ecoeduca has a playroom, workshops, barbeques, bar-cafeteria, etc.


Our facilities are located at Parque de las Graveras (Park), in San José de la Rinconada, just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Seville and 600 meters (1/3 mile) from the San José de la Rinconada RENFE train station.

Las Graveras Park, which covers 15 hectares (37 acres), is a project developed and promoted by the La Rinconada Town Hall.  It has recuperated a former gravel pit to turn it into a green zone dedicated to nature, sports and recreational activities.

Our center offers all of the essential equipment to undertake your work out plan, as well as a 500-meter (1640 foot) open swimming area with buoys and signs that will allow you to work out and train for transitions and swim in authentic competitions conditions.

At the park, there is also a measurement cycling circuit with indications every 100 meters (328 foot) so that you can perform controlled series and longer stretches under the watchful eye of your trainer.

The Training Garden also offers:

– Locker room with lockers.
– Bicycle hold and storage.
– Workshop.
– Functional work out and strengthening training room.
–Wi-Fi zone.


Ciclismo triatlón


  • Bicycle hold and storage.
  • Workshop.
  • Roller benches.
  • Technical consultants.
natación triatlón


  • 500-meter open waters with buoys.
  • Specific equipment for swimming trainees.
  • Kayaks for technical follow-up.
  • Technical consultants.
atletismo triatlón


  • 1500-meter (4921-foot) circuit with wheel measurement and signs every 100 meters.
  • Work out groups according to their level.
  • Biometric and footprint studies.
  • Technical consultants.



    Amateur athlete, with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, as a specialist in water sports and respiratory muscle development training, he combines teaching and training with the organization of the Training Garden, where he supervises the group specialized in Open Water Swimming.

  • The Training Garden includes professionals, all with the corresponding degree and /or certification, and ample experience in the field of sports. Thanks to this, they are able to bring out your very best. They will be at your side to plan and lead your work out and training, whether in person or on-line.
    Whether you want to perfect your technique, or improve your marks, and even if you are a beginner and want us to assist you as you take your first steps in the world of Triathlon, our center is here to help you attain your goals.


    Certified technician in Physical Activities and Sports.
    Technician in bicycle mechanics (MTB, race, time trials…)
    More than 11 years of Triathlon experience at all levels, which earned him a scholarship in 2013 and 2014 as a high level athlete in Triathlon.




Carretera A-8001 Km4.
41300. San José de la Rinconada, Sevilla.


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